Where It All Began

In 1925, three brothers took out a $300 mortgage on their mother’s house to open a bakery in a Southern Illinois cabin. The breads of Amos, Arnold and Jack Lewis were delivered daily by Ford Model T trucks to nearby homes. By the 1950s, the family operation had grown into a major regional bakery, thanks in part to the creation of a brand now synonymous with freshly baked bread in Midwestern households: Bunny Bread.

Timeline Photo - 1947

Bunny Bread was born in Anna, IL, the creation of Jack Lewis, Sr.

Timeline Photo - 1951

Lewis Brothers Bakery opened their new bakery in Anna, IL so they could start selling Bunny Bread throughout Southern Illinois.

Timeline Photo - 1954

Jack Lewis sold the rights to Bunny to the American Bakers Cooperative to expand distribution of Bunny products.

Timeline Photo - 1974

Minnie Pearl becomes a spokesperson for Bunny Bread.

Timeline Photo - 1974

Jack Jr. and Jack Sr. on the cover of Bakery Production and Marketing

Timeline Photo - 1985

Jack Lewis, Sr. stars in Bunny Bread commercials.

Timeline Photo - 1992

Bunny Bread sign featured in the movie A League of Their Own.

Timeline Photo - 2003

The first Bunny Bread website launched on the World Wide Web.

Timeline Photo - 2009

Bunny joined social media.

Timeline Photo - 2010

Original Bunny sign from the Anna, IL bakery restored and moved to the Bundy Baking Museum in Urbana, OH.

Timeline Photo - Today

Bunny continues to be loved by all generations. That’s What I Said… Bunny Bread!

Loved By All Generations

That's What I Said... Bunny Bread!

As a family brand beloved by generations of children, parents and grandparents across the Midwest, Bunny Bread is renown for iconic commercials that have helped establish who we are and what we do.

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