That's What I Said... Bunny Bread!

Bunny Bread Fun for Kids of All Ages

Bunny character skateboarding

With coloring pages and more, Bunny Bread invites you to explore on your own or learn together with engaging activities that are sure to entertain.

Where's Bunny

letter sounds activity sheet

Letter Sounds

topping search activity sheet

Topping Search

sandwich scramble activity sheet

Sandwich Ingredient Scramble

bunny round-up activity sheet

Bunny Round-up

fun with maps activity sheet

Fun with Maps

colorful cube maze activity sheet

Colorful Cube Maze

sandwich search activity sheet

Sandwich Search

a-mazing bunny activities sheet

A-Mazing Bunny Activities

bunny crossword puzzle activity sheet

Bunny Bread Crossword

triple maze activity sheet

Bunny Inside/Out Triple Maze

word scramble activity sheet

Bunny Bread Word Scramble

We are always excited to work with tomorrow's great chefs and have a great selection of recipes to help kids get started in the kitchen.

Have a little fun with your sandwich by transforming it into a beautiful butterfly!

Here's a quick and easy sweet treat that tastes so good you won't care that it's good for you.

Give your Bunny Bread a tropical twist with this fruity and delicious recipe.

There are a lot of ways to make this recipe, but they all require two important ingredients: Bunny Bread and your imagination!

Use your favorite cookie cutter to shape your sandwich into something amazing.

Looking for a fun party treat? Grab some Bunny Bread and follow this recipe for a good time.

Bring on your favorite yogurt and some yummy granola for a dish that is perfect for breakfast and dessert.

How can we make cinnamon toast even better? By turning it into a delicious caterpillar, of course!

bread with smiling flower, bunny and rainbow sprinkle artwork

Here’s an art project that’s too yummy to hang on the fridge. Follow this recipe to turn your sandwich into a masterpiece.